A collage of 80’s Goth rock, new wave and electronic music with a solid drum machine. Dark, melancholic guitars and synths with a strong 80’s Goth rock and new wave vibe. Music that drags you into a dense and dark mist. But as comforting as a velvet blanket to your melancholic soul. Meet VELVET MIST!

Velvet Mist is a Belgian New Wave / Goth Rock band that emerged late 2020 from a collective quest by Jonathan Verstrepen and Anton Mergaerts to find a melancholic sound

Inspired by the dark sound from the 80s, notably by legendary groups like ‘Sisters of Mercy’, ‘The Cure’ and ‘The Cult’ they achieve a dark but danceable atmosphere with a contemporary and fresh approach.

Their first EP ‘Visitation’ takes you along on a Goth Rock/New Wave vibe with their cold synth melodies rhythmic drums and deep vocals. Which results in brutally effective melancholy.

Lyrically inspired by dark thoughts and tender touches. Twists of mind, feelings and moments we all experience from time to time, yet so few dare to expose them for the world to see.”

For the fans of: The Cure, Sisters Of Mercy, 2 Belgen, OMD,…

Velvet Mist about Visitation

With a lot of spare time and inspiration on his hands, Jonathan started experimenting with drum computers and synthesisers. This led to the birth of four differing, yet convergent tracks. In need of a vocalist, he reached out to Bob Briessinck, sound engineer and dear friend. Bob took a blind shot and suggested contacting Anton, since he found his vocals a good fit for the project.

Needless to say, it was spot on. Anton’s lyrics and vocal performance tied in seamlessly with Jonathan’s instrumentals, the product of the recordings that followed were beyond expectation. Months of recording, producing, re-recording, fine tuning and some auditive wizardry make Visitation the perfect four-part representation of what Velvet Mist is about. A nod to the past in ways of today.
This is only the first wave.


Rock Tribune - Interview

Interview Rock Tribune

Dansende Beren

“Met de aankondiging van de Visitation-ep mogen we ons er al op voorbereiden dat we nog een donkere streep gothicmetal te goed hebben. Liefhebbers van het genre kunnen de ep alvast blindelings vooruitbestellen.”  Lees verder


Willy Radio (DPG media), Classic 21 (RTBF), Tinnitus Radio, Welcome To The AA (podcast 38000 abonnees )

Welcome To The AA - #198 Jaaroverzicht 2021

Luminous Dash

“Hollow Eyes is de eerste single van de ep. De invloed van The Sisters Of Mercy is duidelijk aanwezig in de diep melancholische vocalen, de duellerende combinatie van kille synths en gitaren en de dansbare, sterk aanwezige drums. Een geluid dat je meeneemt in de dichte, donkere mist van gothrock en new wave uit de jaren 80.”  Lees verder


“Hollow Eyes” is de eerste single die Velvet Mist loslaat op de wereld en die komt meteen hard en goed binnen. Bovendien zijn de mix en mastering prima en dat zie je eigenlijk maar zelden bij een eerste release van een nieuw project in dit genre. Dat geeft ergens ook aan dat het dit duo menens is en dat lijkt me meer dan terecht. De vocalen van Mergaerts zijn echt spot-on: mooi timbre voor dit genre, juiste ritme, net het juiste evenwicht tussen emotie en onverschilligheid, … Echt een knappe single. Lees verder